Favorite Reads about Hawaii

Reading Picks “Children of Hawaii”

The golden children of Hawaii Hardcover – 1987 by Ruth M Tabrah (Author)

A unique quality of Hawaii’s cosmopolitan mix of peoples is that they live together, work together and play together in an environment of aloha. The average ohana (family group) mingles the heritage of East and West. A child can have ancestors who came from China, Japan, Korea, the South Pacific Islands, like Samoa and Tonga, or the Philippines. Some grandparents may have come from the new countries of North America, the old countries of Europe, or more recently, the countries of Southeast Asia. Many have strands of Polynesian ancestry and all are the Golden Children of Hawaii..

Why we like this book

Hawaii is truly a unique place where culture is deeply influenced by the Christian and Buddhist principals, but also by the heritage of the Hawaiian people themselves that call for the spirit of Aloha to be part of all things that we do.

Here in Hawaii we strive for kindness and politeness in all things, and when it comes to our children they are our future. We want to share these views with our visitors and also with the people who come here to make Hawaii their home.

This book can be purchased via Amazon for 8.99.


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