What we love about being a Nightingale

Being a Nightingale is more of a calling than a job for most of us. At the very least those are the kind of women that we bring to our Ohana of Nightingales. Nightingales are passionate about family and about making life better.

Perhaps you would not think that offering caring services to a child or a an elder would not have a tremendous impact on the life of that person. However, I know personally that this is not the case. Not only was I, as a young child deeply and positively influenced by someone who wanted to make the world better, and realized that I could be the person to make that happen, but I also have seen time and time again the positive effects of giving Aloha and Compassion to a fellow human, no matter what their age.

So being a Nightingale really is about making a difference.

  • Making your vacation better
  • Knowing your family is in the best of hands, served by a trained and certified professional
  • Ensuring that the time you spend with a Nightingale will be a memory created, and a blessing received.



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