Maui Nightingales are Moms, and Grand Moms who live on the Island of Maui. We practice with mindfulness the attitude of helping and righteousness known as Kokui and Pono. We believe in making a difference with Aloha.

  • Maui Nightingales care for your children while you are vacation, or out for an evening.
  • We spend time with your elders, reading, cooking and conversing to ensure that proper socialization occurs in their lives

Nightingales was originally formed in the state of Washington and later relocated to the Island of Hawaii. Here we have found that by truly giving back to our community we fill a need that serves the guest and resident population of Maui.

Today, we partner with certified and educated women of all ages who understand your concerns and desire to build a relationship trust and certitude with a caregiver. So if you are a visitor who is arranging activities and fun for the kids while the adults enjoy a bit of vacation time alone, or a Maui resident who needs support for family we are here to help you.

Visit the contact us page to get in touch – Mahalo