Our Services

Childcare – by the hour

  • 15.00 per hour for up to 3 children. Add 5.00 per hour per child if you are planning on a gaggle of happy children
  • A Nightingale will join you on your activities while visiting Maui, plan a day at the beach or pool with the kids – (our Nightingales are Swimming Certified!)
  • Watch the kids for an evening while you slip away for a romantic evening

Childcare – long term

  • Rates are negotiated depending upon the circumstance
  • We’ll pair you with the perfect Nightingale for your family, and then have regular reviews to ensure that all your needs are being met
  • If needed we can find a Nightingale that will drive your children to school and activities

Eldercare – Companionship

  • 12.00 per hour will bring a Nightingale to your elder’s home or location.
  • Your Nightingale will converse, read, ensure comfort and rest and follow your directions implicitly
  • Nightingales will care for your elders on a short term, or long term basis.

For more information on our rates and services, Contact Us.